MyFon is a 3D mesh generator for letters, as for characters strings not for missives. It uses freetype to obtain contour data, and triangle.c or libgts for triangulation of contours.
Currently, MyFon can write simple POVRAY, 3DG1, VRML1, and gts formats.
MyFon is composed by library, command line front end, and Motif  front end.
Download/project info:

Why does one need meshes from strings?
ANS: meshes can be easily deformed and one can apply mesh operations as sum, difference,etc. As output is triangulated, new formats are very simple to implement.

1-libgts (libgts requires glib)
5-OpenGL/Mesa with widget support
For library and command line front end, one will only need 1&2. For graphical GUI, one will
need 3,4,&5. NOTICE: Motif version was only tested under 24bits color depth.

Screen shots using mmyfon (borders come from my own configuration for fvwm2):
No deformation applied and front view:
sc0.png top

Deformed using circular filter (x&y) and front view:
sc1.png top

Deformed using oscillation filter and front view:
sc2.png top

Deformed using circular filter (x&z) and hand modified view:
sc3.png top

Deformation using fatslim filter and front view:
sc4.png top
New command implemented(cvs version):
sc5.png top
new command (cvs only):
sc6.png top

Using 3DG1 data in my experimental mesh editor:
myfon.png top

Thanks to for hosting this project.
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